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Event platform

BCU has many dimensions to it. One could assume that our field of expertise is a new technologies market. However, in practice, you will understand straightaway that there is so much more to say about us: we change and make our users’ lives easier. Moreover, we create completely new, revolutionary business options, unrivaled on the market. This Catalogue aims at explaining and describing a few tools which are the essence of BCU’s visionary solutions. All our apps and platforms were created for:
the convenience of our users
to save their valuable time
to eliminate issues with too difficult or poorly built interfaces
to secure data and money belonging to them
Moreover, as part of the so-called “sales bonus”, our Distributors receive a salary in the form of commission - it happens whenever a user invited by them buys one of our products/services.


– Media Point Packs

Media Points are a very useful currency accepted as a payment for numerous BCU services. You can get Media Points in one of the two following ways:
Once, when you edit your profile and interests you get as many as 1,000 Media Points.
You can also get them in return for the purchase of Product Pacs according to the rulesset in the table on the right.
You can buy a Media Points Pack, which incude specify Media Points ammount


BCU ADS is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that enables users to advertise their posts shared on BCU platform easily and quickly. Your posts are marked as sponsored content and are available for other users as posts on their walls or banners in the right column of the page. It is a paid service and we charge your BCU account automatically for this. Users may choose from a wide range of options:
ad’s duration
sum you are willing to contribute to advertising
ad’s viewing spot (as a post or a banner in the right column)
Post’s viewing intensity and frequency depends on the payment made and ad’s duration. Furthermore, BCU ADS enables users to set ad’s target audience precisely and specifically in order to create as beneficial as possible ad feedback. You can choose target’s:
nationality and languages they speak.
The prices on the advertising platform start from 1$. There is no limit on spending. The effectivity of your ad depends on many factors, like e.g. chosen target group or ad duration time. You can get an extra 50% discount with Media Points. Let’s show it on example: 10$ ad = 5$ ad + 500 Media Points.


Official BCU Store (FN Store) provides users with original products with FN logo. All our products can be shipped to any country in the world. Payments are integrated with your BCU account, so you can exchange your Media Points for 25% discount on your order. Customers can keep track of their order and shipment at all times. And that’s all thanks to our user-friendly order management site.
Currently, we have more than 50 products, made from the highest quality materials and with great attention to details, available at our Store. These include many different categories of products:
Power banks
We wish all users to pick something for themselves and proudly represent our company in their community.


BCU VoIP is an app for quick exchange of messages between BCU users.
It simplifies communication
BCU VoIP is available directly on our site and as a mobile app, for both Android and iOS
FVoIP allows for fast communication on a BCU chat or for giving free calls to other app users or a person logged into the platform
We charge for calls on landline and mobile phones outside VoIP - the fee may differ depending on your location
The main objective of BCU VoIP is making users comfortable through reliable communication all around the world on an international level. Thanks to this tool you can easily and quickly chat with your friends in private or group messages as well as call other app users for free.
You can also contact people who don’t have VoIP on the phone (this is a paid service). Moreover, this app has some very useful options for sharing photos and videos. By activating the $9.99 subscription, you will receive$15.99 for voice calls within a month.


BCU Cloud is a storage for documents, photos and videos. It allows you not only to keep many files in one place but also to share them with whomever you choose to share them with. You may purchase one-time access to storage space of: 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 1TB, 2TB. You can also subscribe to mass storage. Prices start from USD 0.49 (for 50 GB) to USD 8.99 (for 2TB) per month.
File storage and sharing has never been so easy and reliable. Thanks to BCU Cloud you can share documents, schedules, presentations or videos with whoever you want in the blink of an eye. Moreover, we understand that file storage is a delicate matter and that is why we do our best for our app to be safe and trustworthy.


BoardBest is a tool for flawless and intuitive website building based on one of twelve best-designed templates (e.g. for landing pages or blogs). Each template can be edited and adjusted to your needs. Thanks to BoardBest our users win customers, generate favourable web traffic, can create various contact forms, send newsletters to their client database. Every user can try one of our templates for free. More templates are available in a premium tool when subscribing:




per month
per month if you purchase a 6-month subscription
per month if you purchase a 12-month subscription
You can pay for BoardBest from your BCU account and get a 25% discount using Media Points. There are other payment options available, including cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Dotpay.
Sample templates to be customised:
melbourne.boardbest.com raspberry-fresh.boardbest.com newsadoo.boardbest.com

Event platform

Our Event Platform is a comprehensive IT web tool for event organisation, covering many areas including:
Landing Page - It simplifies communication
Newsroom - event information management and posting
Post-Event Page - event materials (photos and videos) and newsletter subscription
Reservation and ticket purchase systems - users can buy tickets in a specific sector, display seat map in a specific sector and select seats. Payments are integrated with BCU Pay. Money is transferred from your FN account
Participant registration and ticket management - participants can view their tickets on the list. They can register and change their seat into a better one, buy more expensive tickets or print them. You can register yourself only or share tickets with other participants of your group (you will all receive a special e-mail)

Event platform

Ticket scanning app - this app scans a QR code and shows what type of wristband should be given to a specific person. It also saves information on who and when showed up to the event
Event livestream - a landing page encouraging to purchase access to a livestream. One user can buy an unlimited number of online tickets. Once the payment is made, you get a special code allowing you to view the streaming. You can share this code with your friends
Admin dashboard - our system has an admin dashboard featuring many functions:
Access to tickets and user information, sales statistics, ticket status and a search tool
Users can cancel their tickets and registration, change ticket owner and enjoy many other options
Event Platform is still a work in progress. More information coming soon...

Gaming platform

BCU is not all about business, it is also about... fun! We have a wide range of games available on our Gaming Platform. You can access it via our social network BCU Club. All titles are free to play.
Games are available in wide range of genres: Fantasy, Military, Science fiction, Sports, Even... farming simulators! These are the highest-quality products with excellent mechanics and stunning graphics. We carefully selected each game and each one of them was created by the best team of game developers. It is all for our clients to take a deep breath, recharge their batteries and enjoy their break from big business
Some of the games may have some additional paid options (note that payments should be made with actual money) so our clients can make their gaming experience easier and gain an advantage over other gamers (the so-called “pay-to-win model”). However, buying those options is not required for the game to be fully satisfactory.


BCULease is a project dedicated to BCU users interested in purchasing or a long-term lease of cars and other tangible assets.
As a financial broker, we cooperate with 8 leasing companies, car dealers and leaders in long-term lease. In order to meet our users’ financing expectations, we try to adjust our leasing offer precisely to your individual requirements and a subject of rental/lease. Acting mostly on the vehicle financing market, we have worked out some of the most advantageous cooperation conditions with a majority of premium brands, including: BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, JAGUAR. Our offer covers not only passenger cars and
agricultural and forest machinery
yachts and motorboats
construction equipment
computer equipment
medical equipment
BCULease gives you some interesting benefits. Many of our users treat their car as an element of their success and image building which is why we help them achieve their dream version of themselves. We aspire to offer the most favourable options with quite significant discounts. We are constantly following the leasing market and adjusting to all new trends.

Coin Of(f) Mine

Can you make money and have as much fun as children do at the same time? Yes, you can, with „Coin Of (f) Mine” – a mobile game that brings together the world of cryptocurrencies and Augmented Reality. You may only be playing but you can win an actual cryptocurrency – FuturoCoin!
Our world is attacked by a mysterious group of robots
Fight them in order to save our planet
Gather FuturoCoins to arm yourself
There is more to this game than just simple fun, though. Thanks to AR technology, found FuturoCoins transferred to your wallet become a real currency. You can pay with them for your coffee or when shopping. It is an incredible and pioneering idea that enriches the process of making money, adding the flavour of adventure to the recipe.

BCU Talk

BCU Talk App provides:
Easy, secure and reliable communication through text and voice messages
Availability for phones and tablets all over the world
Possibility of using a web-based version
PSupport for a wide range of multimedia, including: texts, photos videos and documents as well as voice messages.
Thanks to end-to-end encryption we protect data that you share with other users. Messages are encrypted on sender’s device and are decrypted only on recipient’s device. Therefore, only participants of a specific conversation are able to read the message and third parties can neither read nor listen to it.
This app uses a native technology for both iPhone and Android. Web-based version is also available for users’ convenience. Attractive yet slightly minimalistic application interface allows users to find exactly what they are looking for. We provide our audiences with an innovative and unique function: built-in FN Wallet to trade cryptocurrencies. FN Talk fills a significant business niche and is unrivaled in its class.

Banners App

It is a revolutionary app for viewing an ad banner when unlocking a smartphone. Once the app is downloaded (it works only on Android), you can choose how often a banner will pop up:
All the time
4 times in 10 unlocks
8 times in 10 unlocks
2 times in 10 unlocks
6 times in 10 unlocks
You can view up to 200 banners on your phone daily.
Once a week (at Sunday night) the system counts and then pays each app user. Your payment is based on the number of banners viewed and advertising income. This weekly payment will not exceed 5 USD which translates into up to 20 USD gain per month. Banners App is free, just download it and earn some money. All payments are made in FuturoCoin, and in BCU it is planned to add Bitcoin payments, too. When downloading the app, a user quickly fills in a short questionnaire on their:
And a few other categories
This way banners viewed will cover content that they find attractive.
You can deactivate the app at any time and the banners will stop appearing on your phone
Here at BCU, we believe that mobile marketing is what the BCU holds!


It is an international sales platform focused on brokering the sale of products and services. 24bas stands for:





24 hours a day
You can post your products/services at 24bas.com and customers may purchase them. Before being published, all offers are moderated. At the moment, this app is free. We wanted to build a flexible platform, adjustable to market demands. This tool accepts many payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, namely FTO. 24bas’s users can sell and buy products and services in many categories, filtering their search results. Community can also comment and write reviews on products/ services, creating their own, autonomic database of recommended and trustworthy providers. We seek to increase users’ comfort and safety with our arbitration system. In case of questioning the fairness of a given transaction or service, the money will be transferred to our special, secured account. Only once it is confirmed that the purchase process went smoothly, they will be transferred to the seller.


It is an employee supervision system, the so-called TimeTracker. EviGuard is dedicated to companies’ owners and managers. We have created the first ever TimeTracker with friendly alerts and a personalised app for each employee. How does it work?
Every employee can track how many hours they have already spent at work
How much more they need to reach their daily standard
How much money they have already made.
It is a great motivation! EviGuard is a solution to a problem with most TimeTrackers, namely employees failing to remember about scanning a QR code when entering and leaving their company. Thanks to friendly alerts, all employees will now remember to log in and log out. For example, if certain employee usually works from 9 to 6 and fails to log in, EviGuard will send them a log in alert every 5 minutes (during weekdays)!
A user with admin status can do real-time checks on who is present at the office,calculate their renumeration and if they should adjust their employees’ overtime pay. Every user has their personal QR code in the app or on the website. He/she scans this code while entering and leaving their workplace. It is all clear and does not require purchase of any expensive equipment.


We want to provide our users with many tools that can help them with presenting their personas and businesses to other people. VideoMail System allows for sending e-mail messages that have an attractive graphic design and also have the possibility to additionally attach a video taken from the user’s hard drive or as a YouTube link.
It’s very easy to use.the system has over 20 templates that are meant to specifically match with different situations. There are many business options, directed towards potential clients of our users, but there are also many more private variants - e.g. birthday wishes. The whole system works as a subscription that can be bought with money or Media Points. Different subscriptions offer a particular number of sent video mails and a guaranteed number of recipients that will get those messages. We understand that self-promotion is a very important thing for our community, it makes this whole market actually work. Moreover, we are fully aware that the vast majority of people gets attracted by the visual side of various announcements or messages (e.g. pictures, graphics or movies). That’s why we created Video Mail System. Its very use is supposed to be a business card of members of our community because these special e-mail messages will distinguish them from many different.

LandingPage System

It’s a special system for creating landing pages. It’s easy to use and very intuitive. With its help our users can quickly set up a landing page with their own contact informations, content and slogan. All of that inserted on a chosen and custom-fitted template.
We have over 25 different templates prepared for various types of announcements (serious business, exclusive products or grand vacation). It’s a great method of promoting your own business through e-mails.
The system works as a subscription (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months) that can be bought with money or Media Points.
Moreover, landing page created by this system will also receive an autoresponder aimed towards all potential customers. It can be configured to respond with the use of different languages (Polish, English, German, Hungarian, Turkish).

Momentum System

It’s a tool used for setting up landing pages where the function of autoresponder will, every now and then, send a reminder to potential customers about BCU’s advantages. However, the content of this message can be rewritten and modified by the users in order to express exactly what they want it to.
Momentum System is a very simple and effective tool. It allows users to choose their personalized message template, content and slogan. The main design of this system is to send messages that could promote BCU and BCUAdPro along with their communities - it’s the most effective in this area. This platform’s stylistics and aesthetics perfectly capture the exclusive tastes of our community.
Momentum System works as a subscription that can be bought with money or Media Points.

BCU Blogs

Our users are very extraordinary people. They are active, filled with passion and devotion. They also have interesting hobbies. BCU Blogs is a system just for people like them! It allows for an efficient creation of your own blog based on visually attractive templates. The whole subject area and settings of the blog can be easily modified by the user.
It’s a revolutionary tool that allows the members of our community to relax for a while. This way we want to provide them with a short moment of detachment from this world of big, serious business and allow them to focus on clear and interesting presentation of their hobbies or thoughts. BCU Blogs gives them the possibility to show themselves from a different angle - not only as talented and charismatic businessmen.

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